C/C++ Programming


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2019 – All rights reserved Legend IT Solution

2019 – All rights reserved Legend IT Solution

C/C++ Programming

Course Outline

Course Duration: 6 Month (Beginner) Course Duration: 3 Month (Intermediate)

C/C++ Programming

  • The basic structure of C program format

  • Variable data type operation

  • Mathematical, Relational, Assignment operator

  • Logical and Bitwise Operator

  • Increment/ Decrement, conditional or ternary operation.

  • Conditional and unconditional program flow statement

  • IF, IF, ELSE, IF-ELSE-IF, ELSE-IF ladder switch

  • Looping: For a while,do-while, enhance for–each loop.

  • Array: One dimensional and multidimensional Array.

  • Pointer and reference variable.

  • String Array chars Array.

  • String operation compare, copy, concatenate substring, string handling, strength, etc.

  • Structure and union

  • Function: user-defined and library function.

  • Yes return type yes parameter, no return type yes parameter, no return type no parameter, Yes return type no parameter,

  • Fibonacci series function value, prim number.

  • Recursive function

  • Passing array to the function.

  • Series program using paw function.

  • GCD, LCM, Reverse, digit program solving C/C++.

  • MATRIX and star print program using C.

  • File: Input file, output file.

  • Input some data to the file and calculate some different Operation in file

  • Difference between class and object.

  • Relation between class and object.

  • Characteritences, of OOP

  • Inheriteritences, Polymorphism, message passing.

  • Data Abstraction and data

  • Function or method overloading.

  • Operator overloading.

  • Different application programs using class and object.

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