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2019 – All rights reserved Legend IT Solution

2019 – All rights reserved Legend IT Solution

Course Outline

Course Duration: 6 Month (Beginner) Course Duration: 3 Month (Intermediate)



Basic Network

  • Introducing Network and Some topology

  • Media and Basic element about Network

  • Layer OSI and TCP/ IP layer in real application

  • IP Address and It’s Classification

  • Cabling and LAN create

  • Drive ,File ,Printer sharing

  • Outlook mail, virtual memory configuration

  • Share it, Team viewer, desktop sharing etc.

  • Basic Network project design

Advanced Networking

  • Sub netting and super-netting

  • Private and public IP concept

  • DNS,DHCP configuration

  • Private IP to public IP configuration (NAT)

  • Switch configuration and real project maintenance

  • Router configuration and Network design using Router

  • Hub, Switch, Router, Repeater, Gateway

  • Wi-Fi and WLAN zone create and use

  • VLAN Configuration and maintenance

  • Static and dynamic Router protocol

  • OSPF configuration

  • Basic Linux and windows server installation and management

  • Telnet and SSh Configration

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