Bricks Field Management

Bricks Field Setting

  • Chamber capacity setting

  • Mill party setting

  • Reza Party Setting

  • Reza Mistri Setting

  • Fire Mistri Setting

  • Unload Party Setting

  • CoilaVanga Party Setting

  • Coila porano party Setting

  • Rubbish Party Setting

  • Bricks Ultano party Setting

  • Raw Bricks Field Setting

  • Chapter Setting

  • Line setting

  • Field setting etc

  • Sale price setting

Raw Materials for production:

  • Category Setting
  • Sub Category setting
  • Product Setting

Purchase Section:

  • Purchase challan or D/O for purchase order create
  • Purchase order details
  • Purchase order edit
  • Purchase order reset
  • Billing voucher creation respect to purchase order and supply.
  • Other spare parts and tools purchase order and stock management
  • Transport rent, labor and other types of purchase related expense are included here

Production Labor and other stuff in production section:

  • Labor type create like day labor, contract labor, general labor, Mistri labor, loading/ unloading labor, per-time labor, weekly labor etc.
  • Labor payment creation daily and weekly.
  • Labor payment and other employee salary and accounts will be added which are related in production cost.
  • Stuff salary and commission

Sales Management:

  • Sales order created
  • Sales order item
  • Sales order view
  • Sales order edit
  • Sales order process
  • Sales order reset
  • Supply ledger maintained
  • Sales commission

Delivery Section:

  • Order wise delivery create
  • Delivery item list
  • Delivery edit

Production section:

  • Mill wise production
  • Mill wise production list
  • Mill party wise production
  • Mill party wise production list
  • Production process complete
  • Finish goods production
  • Product category wise stock management
  • Production costing ratio selection
  • Calculating production cost.
  • Production labor and other bill management

Stock Management:

  • Opening stock of raw Bricks
  • Opening stock of Final Bricks
  • Stock management before and after production order
  • Finish goods stock Management
  • Production stock details
  • Monthly stock management
  • Raw bricks Field wise stock
  • PI wise stock
  • Mill wise raw bricks production stock
  • Chamber wise loading stock
  • Chapter wise loading stock
  • Total Loading stock
  • Unloading history chamber wise and chapter wise stock
  • Raw stock details like category wise, sub category wise, product wise, size wise etc.
  • Finish goods stock details like category wise, sub category wise, product wise, size wise etc.
  • Wastage stock
  • Running stock in production progress

Supplier Section:

  • Supplier type create
  • Supplier creates for purchase raw materials and other types of purchases.
  • Supplier account create for ledger Maintain
  • Cash, Bank, Due supplier maintain accordingly using Account ledger.

Customers and other party settings:

  • Customer types setting
  • Customer information create
  • Customer account setting
  • Ledger maintain according to account
  • Cash, Bank, due customer management